Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally, A Red One!


After a full day of adventures with my Josh. Riding our bikes to the park, I fell asleep under the tree(while he was swinging)! I woke up to bugs eating me alive-lol and my child was done and wanted to go home! Thank goodness he did not leave me sleeping under the tree at the park! We were home for...maybe long enough for a pee and he had another great idea! This child is full of great ideas. Just so you know! He wanted to visit our local Wendy's and get a Frosty...that actually wasn't a bad idea. I had a buy 1 get 1 coupon, So, we both got small vanillas! They were yummy. Along with this great idea was to take Fred with us on our walk. Fred is not the best little dog walker. We were just down the street when muffin(yes, muffin came around the corner). The owner,a little old lady grabbed her dog. Fred was acting like he wanted to eat muffin! While we finally did make it to Wendy's, J went in to order. That left me outside with the Fredder! He was good. Next great idea was to head over to the french school to find a nice tree to sit under and eat our ice cream. After our treat was finished Josh climbed the tree and stayed up there for a long time! Fred wasn't happy.
We finally made it home! Home Sweet Home...I made dinner and then Mike came home. After dinner we made 2 dozen cupcakes and Brownies. I just finished icing them. I'm tired!!! I could go to bed now. I'm thinking by 9:00 anyway!
To make a long story short... when we got back to our yard Fred has to do his "thing" in the back yard. That's when I discovered our 1st tomoto! What a fun Monday, Thank You my Josh:)

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Yay for red tomatoes!


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