Saturday, July 31, 2010

K, We need to Stop!


So Saturday has been just like my shopping Friday! Mike was in need of a new pair of shoes. I suggested that we visit Sport Mart, of course they to were having a "sale"!!!
Mike found a pair of Saucony shoes he just loved from the reduced rack!(I like when this happens)! Then we noticed if you buy one pr you get the second pr FREE! I love FREE! It was their BOGO offer...
Then I thought who is needing a pr of shoes in our family. Josh has 2 new prs for back to school. But, Craig only has one pr(and he is wearing them now)! So, Craig cashed in and got a pr of Asics!!!

To make a long story short...that is what we debated for a good 30-45 mins! The staff were very happy to see us go!(and it was just Mike and I shopping, no children!)So, my 13 yr old has a size 11(and he is still growing) and hubby has a size 10(sometimes 10.5)lol


So, shoe shopping was our morning...Floor shopping consumed our after noon! Most of you know that Craig's room is under construction(just like most of London's streets)!!!
We picked out a beautiful chocolate brown floor. I'm pretty excited for Craig. It will likely be a bit before we get to install it! His room is moving along quickly(thanks to my father in law helping a lot)!
Our shopping experience at London flooring was good(since today we were just looking and we actually bought)!
The staff were friendly(but, not pushy). A fun Saturday.

Yahoo, my Josh should be home in a couple of hours! I miss my little monkey!

A few pics(from Friday shopping)!


These are the shoes I found for Josh. Blue is his very favourite colour. So, I'm thinking he will love them!


These are my new footwear...I just love them~


Ok, so we really didn't need a new toaster! Apparently ours is fine! I think this was more a want then need! I have always wanted a 4 slice toaster(and for good reason)! I have 3 boys in the house! They never stop eating!!!
This to was an amazing deal(Zellers). Reg. $50-I got it for $21(So, tell me, how could I not buy it-right?)!

That's the end of my story...

PS I did buy still more...But, that's our little secret!(Wink*Wink*)

Friday, July 30, 2010

What A Deal!


Sorry about the terrible pic! I just got home from a very fun day of shopping. I went to Zellers(at Northland Mall). They have everything on sale! All framed art is 70% off. Selection is good! Craig's room is in the process of a major demo. We are trying to figure out paint colour, prints, flooring...etc, etc! Craig loves his new picture. I'm going to hang it over his bed(head board). I think! We are just at the mudding and sanding stage.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store had 50% off today! I got a few pcs of clothing for both boys! I even found a cute skirt for me! I found these awesome brand new shoes(Buffalo)for Josh! I also found the best sandles for me(brand new). Mine are rieker, soooooo comfortable!

I know, boring post today! But, I'm tried! So, on that note...I'm signing off:D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heads Up!


I did get a quick shot from my backyard today! Everything went well today! The weather has been perfect today...I didn't get to shop til I drop! Maybe tomorrow after work, I'll stop by the Mall :)

The Things I Love...


My Craig, My Josh , My hubby and My Freddy. My garden, My yummy Blueberry & Peach Cobbler(you need to try this)! and Shopping...

Today's post is a mix of collage pictures from other posts(I'm being lazy, I know)!
But, I have good reason, today I have an app. at St. Joe's for a follow up mammogram. They are just keeping a close eye on something. It's been ongoing for the past year!

It's all OK! And after a morning like this, I say "shopping" is a must! So, I don't really know what my day will bring and I really don't want to miss a post!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy, Busy...BUSY!

Photobucket We went to this really fun park in ilderton. Josh and his cousin Sam played for a very long time. My younger nephew-Luke had to visit the doctor for his 5 yr check up!


These 2 are like two peas in a pod~

My boy Josh is now in Lucan til Saturday! Craig and Ben(other cousin) had a fab time with Grandma and Grandpa in Lucan. Thanks, for the lunch...It was a FUN day.

Wednesday~I'm in L-O-V-E!

Photobucket Sorry about all my flower images! Flower Power~

Photobucket At this time I'm in transition with my 2 boys.
Josh leaves today...
Craig comes home today!

Photobucket So, that leaves me to photograph my flowers.
these daisies!
They remind me of my childhood...
I spent hours upon hours
playing "He Loves... He Loves Me Not"

Photobucket I think this might be my favourite shot!


Daisies are HAPPY Flowers...So, on that note "Have A Happy Wednesday"!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Backyard and ME!

Josh was playing on the computer today, I was bored! So, I thought...I'm going outside to play with the dog. Then I thought again, bring your camera. My backyard isn't really special, it's kinda my spot. I have planted every tree, flower etc. When I'm in my backyard...I feel "Happy"!
In my first pic, I was trying to get a shot of the BEE!
(I really like how this shot turned out-Right off my camera)
Photobucket Me collage. I'm in love with my now rusted "sunflower"!

Photobucket I think I have told you all this... but, Roses-I just LOVE!

Photobucket A few years ago, we tried to make our old wire fence...


I had lots of fun taking pictures in my backyard. I also love making the collages.

Until next time...

Cupcake Monster!


Here's my man enjoying some most yummy cupcakes!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally, A Red One!


After a full day of adventures with my Josh. Riding our bikes to the park, I fell asleep under the tree(while he was swinging)! I woke up to bugs eating me alive-lol and my child was done and wanted to go home! Thank goodness he did not leave me sleeping under the tree at the park! We were home for...maybe long enough for a pee and he had another great idea! This child is full of great ideas. Just so you know! He wanted to visit our local Wendy's and get a Frosty...that actually wasn't a bad idea. I had a buy 1 get 1 coupon, So, we both got small vanillas! They were yummy. Along with this great idea was to take Fred with us on our walk. Fred is not the best little dog walker. We were just down the street when muffin(yes, muffin came around the corner). The owner,a little old lady grabbed her dog. Fred was acting like he wanted to eat muffin! While we finally did make it to Wendy's, J went in to order. That left me outside with the Fredder! He was good. Next great idea was to head over to the french school to find a nice tree to sit under and eat our ice cream. After our treat was finished Josh climbed the tree and stayed up there for a long time! Fred wasn't happy.
We finally made it home! Home Sweet Home...I made dinner and then Mike came home. After dinner we made 2 dozen cupcakes and Brownies. I just finished icing them. I'm tired!!! I could go to bed now. I'm thinking by 9:00 anyway!
To make a long story short... when we got back to our yard Fred has to do his "thing" in the back yard. That's when I discovered our 1st tomoto! What a fun Monday, Thank You my Josh:)

Just Josh and I...

Photobucket I want to say Josh is missing his big brother. But, the truth of the matter is...I don't think he is! He is loving all this 1-1 attention.

This morning I went off to work. J was home for a bit by himself then both Papa's came over for a visit!

Photobucket I was home by noon. We played in the backyard, had lunch and I got some cute pics of my man and his best friend Fred.

Fred follows Josh all over the place. Like they say "Man's best Friend" in this case it's soooooo true!


Josh did in fact climb up the climber with Fred in tow. Fred didn't know what to think of the view from above:D

Josh kept Fred very safe at all times, I have to say. Well, were off for yet another bike ride!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue Sky + Pool = FUN!



A busy, fun day at Nan's and Pop's. Just a few pics to go along with our afternoon!
Craig has left for Lucan now...We will miss him!

J is loving being "only" child-lol.

Blogging Boys


So both boys are packing their bags to spend some time in Lucan to visit cousins and grandparents. Craig leaves today and will be back Wednesday, Josh will leave Wednesday and will be back Saturday! The boys thought my blog today should be of them-lol

I think, they think I will not have anything to photograph while they are gone! It will be tricky...But, where there is a will-there is a way!

Today is a pool day at my parents(dinner too)! I can't wait. My brother is coming in from Glencoe and our company(from the Sault) is still down.

The sun is making it's way out of the clouds. Should be a fantastic day!

Now to work on a collage for Craig...


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Visiting my Backyard...Again!


The weather turned out nice(somewhat)today. I took my camera and headed out to take a peek!

Not a lot going on in my backyard...The grass was wet. The grass is GREEN! I love it when the grass is green. Because of all the rain, my grass is long too! Cutting the grass will be another day!

I did some of my backyard pics into a collage style post. I really like how the collage turns out! It is easy to do and you can show a few pics at once!

Looks like rain...heading out on our bikes for a quick ride!

He's soooooo 11!


Here is J. In this pic, it looks like he is saying "Talk to the Hand" not to the face!!!

For some crazy reason, I just love this picture of him! Maybe it's how his one eye is peeking out...He is just sooooooo darn cute(and, he knows it)!

Scary Rainbow Sky!

Photobucket Sky darkening...

Photobucket I really like this shot with some of the Pine tree in it!

Photobucket View from my backyard, looking over my house. It's hard to see the rainbow!

Photobucket Just another shot of the sky...

Photobucket Now, all my neighbours are looking at me(b/c I moved to the front yard). I'm now taking pictures of the sky, while everyone is starring at me!

This last shot has to be my very favourite...

I was out with my sister in law last night for dinner, then shopping at Masonville Mall. We had sooo much fun! When we left the Mall(9pm ish). This was the sky...Over the Mall had the "perfect" rainbow.(I wasn't prepared carrying my DSLR camera:(. We did hurry home and by the time we made it to my house, the clouds darken and had changed to become just a little more unsettled.(for better words). I love to visit with my sister in law and when together we always have some good ol' laughs!!! Thanks, for the fun time Patricia.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sea of Yellow

Photobucket Yellow is my favourite colour! Black eyed Susans are another one of my favourites. They seem to last forever...

Photobucket And forever is a long time...

Photobucket Oh, so yellow and bright...
You remind me of the sunshine!


Fred helping out in my garden(look carefully, he is watering my flowers-lol)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boys, Collage Style~


We had a lazy Thursday! Some X-box time, an afternoon nap. We got a couple more t-shirts in the mail this past week. Today the boys are wearing them. They LOVE them-me too! Friends from the Sault arrived late last night for a visit. So, we went over to my parents. We swam, played with baby Colton(He is so sweet)! We stayed for an amazing chicken dinner. The ladies even got to run to Dollarama for some shopping!!! I got the coolest insulated lunch bags. Thanks for a fun time!!!

Must Try!


I made these most tummy filling little pieces of joy today! If you like Blueberry muffins, try these! YUMMY...I'm sorry it's 1/3 cup of Orange Juice!

Walking the Dog


This pic is from the other night. My hubby Mike walking our Freddy. I following behind taking pictures, til my heart is content! We have this awesome greenspace that is just down from our street. We visit this space daily...We love to picnic, play ball, run around, fly our kites and just explore what nature has hiding for us to find!!!

Making Blueberry muffins...might post pics later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Zebra Diva watch!


Were on the fly today. I just wanted to post a couple of pics of my new(ish) watch. I got it at Canadian Tire. Who knew??? I always love a little bit of wild animal print...

Happy Wednesday! Were halfway through the week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

C and J paintings


We're trying hard to keep the men busy! So, today they painted new pictures for their rooms. Craig's looks very interesting. He said he painted a dog(I see it).
Look very close ;)
J and I painted lines, uneven ones at that. He loves it. His is hanging on his wall(I don't think it's even dry yet-lol)!

A fun Tuesday...What to do tomorrow?!

PS Happy, Happy Birthday to our LUKE! Your "5" today!
We love Ya

Auntie, Uncle and cousins C and J

Pure Joy!





1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
*mix together*

9" round cake pan(I spray my pan with "pam").
2 cups of fruit(put on top)
Bake 350
50 mins
Note-You can use fresh, frozen or canned fruit~

Soooooooooooooooo Yummy!!!
Enjoy~ Pictured-is blueberry with peaches(fresh fruit)

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