Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 1-Our Biking Adventure

So, today we took off on our bikes. First stop to see "bunny"...we brought carrotts for our baby bunny! Bunny was having a rest-must have been nap time!(Oh, How I wish I had nap time)!!!-lol
Next to the Library to get the summer schedule :D Then off to Craig's school and to see Tallon(j's friend), she wasn't home. Around the corner is Matt's house. He was home so we got the time for his summer party on Saturday. J was hot and tired-in one pic you'll see him taking some clothes off(from pants to shorts in one zip!) Love those pants! Next we were heading to Boyle for a rest under the tree, a swing ride, see the demo(our community centre is getting a much needed face lift)! While at Boyle we discovered that J's bike tire was flat! You'll see a picture of that too!
I love to have the boys home for summer...No rushing out of the house to try and catch the school bus. No trying to figure out what we should be making for lunches...Life is just so much easier! They can sleep in... Josh was up at 6 am! What's up with that!? He is so much like his mom! I really can't say that is a good thing...
June has been such a refreshing month...We had lots of fun! Today was just a perfect day and we ended June in just the perfect way...
Until tomorrow...July 1st-Canada Day! Yeah,Baby!!! We can't wait!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alice Cooper-Schools out

Our last day in Gr.5 and Gr.7 :(


Craig finished up Gr.7 at Lorne while Josh finished up Gr. 5 at Hillcrest! Both boys did amazing this past school year!!! Craig was in a 7/8 class. He got all A's and B's. Josh got all B's and some C's.

You both worked sooooooo hard this year-Were all so proud of you both!!! J really had to move forward and embrace his new school.(that was not easy leaving all his friends at Lorne). One more year Josh at Hillcrest :D You are awesome!

We love both of you...

Mom & Dad

My HOME away from HOME!

Today I went to my favourite spot. I remembered to bring my camera!!! This special spot is in a small town called Sparta! The name of this place is called "Winter Wheat". I brought my mom and dad to this little spot. It is such a gem! So, peaceful and relaxing. The people that own this place are so welcoming. They have coffee and tea (and cookies). That welcome their guests. The grounds are truly to die for...I took a million pics. I just did a simple collage to give a sweet taste of this secret garden!

Lots of yummieness to go around...I love everything!!! Thanks mommy for buying me that sweet fairy. She is guarding my Hosta out back!

Well, it is official. My sweet boys should be home any minute. I can hear them singing their favourite song...School's out for Summer-By Alice Cooper!

Talk to you later...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Love is in the Air...


Happy Anniversary

and Josh
xo xo xo xo



My brother came over to help with( I mean finish) the demo of Craig's room! It took him just over an hour to rip the walls down...Now, to clean up the mess:(

So, dusty and tracks of white powder throughout our house. Thank-You Trev for coming to help us!

Your the BEST :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A visit to Uncle Trevor's House


Glencoe Style!!!

*Thanks for the fun day...Lunch was good too :D*
xo Christine, Mike, Craig and Josh

Saturday, June 26, 2010


“Warning: the Internet may contain traces of nuts.” ~Author Unknown

My Montage 6/26/10 at

Yummy, Treat!

Photobucket C is for Crown(we forgot to put them on today-lol), Craig, Christine,(aka-Celebrities), Cookies, Cute, Cat, Computer, Can, Cup, Chips, Chili(we have that in the Crock pot cooking right now), Cola, Canada, Chubby Cheeks, Cut and Copy, Classic, Camera,Canon(the name of our camera) and Congratulations for my girl(u know who u are)!!! Crying...Does Connie Know?

A big Thank You to my Craig who helped me come up with this idea and photo shoot. It was fun! I love all the pics...
And also, thanks goes out to Josh who went grocery shopping with me today(7am) i might add. We rocked the grocery store!!! We went through the Express line up(1-8 items only), we had 300:)

Good thing we were the only shoppers :D Love u guys!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hair Raising Collage


I *Heart* Summer Flowers...

Photobucket Introducing the Daisy...Amazing!!! So, Beautiful
Photobucket Follow the stepping stones to many secret nooks and crannies
Photobucket Visit with some friends, sit down and stay a while, take a moment to really enjoy what life has to offer

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fresh Fruit from my Garden

Photobucket So, today a friend of mine came over for a visit. We ate(yummy, farmers market tea biscuits)-Cinnamon :D Thanks, Debra!
We shared some Strawberry/Banana Smoothie-Refreshing...Once again Thank-you Debra!!! You should not have done that!

We toured the garden, ate some fresh raspberries, laughed, cuddled with freds(my dog) and just shared in some good ol' conversation...

I needed that...

It rained, then got sunny, we were in the backyard, then in the house, then we went out front, sat on the porch and so it goes on...

To make a long story short...It was a great morning with a GREAT friend. Thank-You for everything!!! This blog entry is for you and about you-Hope u enjoyed ;)

Photobucket I love my garden, my friends, my family, my life!!! Hold on to each day and love L-I-F-E...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Morning with Pork Chops and Applesauce...

Photobucket And so it has happened! Craig(aka Porkchops) has moved into J's(aka Applesauce) room. The demo has been started and the crazyness is starting to unfold :D

I have to laugh and have fun with this...I'm excited for our big demo of C's room. But, I'm also excited about the day we finish and Craig gets to move back to his room!!!

We figured summer was a good time to under go the school, no real routine and the boys can spend some extra time together(like fighting, yelling at each other etc...etc). Just kidding for the most part the 2 boys are BEST BUDDIES...

The Love/Hate relationship just goes with the title of being B-R-O-T-H-E-R-S!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010



Today was the perfect day to get out and go pick berries. I picked my mom up and we went to the U-pick at Heeman's Strawberry Farm. The berries were not a bad size. The picking was easy, quick and fun! It got a bit hot out in the field(and, of course I didn't have a hat)!
I have to go and wash and cut up some berries for a special treat tonight:D Y-U-M!

First Day of Summer!!!

Photobucket Finally we made it to the first Day of Summer! 7:28 am it was official. I celebrated by grabbing my camera and I headed outside.

Summer is such a wonderful season...It is my season of choice. I love my roses!!! They are many this year, so beautiful. I love the pool, I love washing the Jeep and watering the flowers with the hose and my watering can. I love following my paths in my garden that lead me to a relaxing spot.

I love how summer just welcomes you with open arms...Bring on Summer-I say!!! ...I love the windchimes and spinners in the garden. I love it all!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jenga Fun


This was our Sunday afternoon. Craig and I played a few rounds of Jenga! What a fun game...After dinner were planning a trip to Wendy's for a Frosty-YUM!!! Followed by a bike ride and per - haps a swim at Nana's and Papa's.

Father's day has been kinda quiet here...Daddy got a couple of Blueray's that he was wanting and a multipack of gum(he loves to chew gum)!

We have had a wonderful weekend...We hope you have to. Play Safe:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Shoot with my #1 Fred!


Fred and I were playing...He loves to sit, roll over, shake a paw, sing and jump really high!!! He sometimes gets a snack for a reward...He is very happy with just a lot of love! In this one pic it looks like he is going to bite my finger off-he is too gentle to ever hurt any of us. I was actually playing with him, pulling that bone back and forward(bad mommy)!!! I'm now teaching my pooch not good behaviour:(

The next set of images will be of Fred rolling over and just overall cuteness...

My Favourite Place...


Some Oldies...But, Goodies!

Gymboree BubblesPhotobucketPhotobucket are the Best!

PhotobucketThese pics were from early Spring. I just thought I would bring them back to life in my "NEW" and "IMPROVED" Blog ;)
Today is Saturday(busy day for us). Craig's room reno is scheduled to begin, I have a mountain of is untidy and the list goes on and on! I wasn't sure how much time I would have today to take pictures and better yet of what!?

Well, I have 2 sleeping and 2 up in the house. I can hear my freddy walking around...You know what that means...he needs to "Do his thing" :D

Happy Saturday to all our Friends and Family...OH, I just remembered I have grocery shopping to do too! Y-U-C-K!!! Time to turn my frown upside down :) I wonder who I can trick in to going with me??? Any takers? My hubby will go with me, I'm sure(it will likely cost $40 or more with him...But, it's company)!

Enjoy the Week-end

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh,Boy...Where does the time go?


Craig wanted me to make a poster of him. So, here it is! It seems like yesterday that he was just a baby! I was wishing him to grow...Now, I'm wishing for him to slow down on his growing! Life...take a minute and don't forget to stop and smell the roses(they do smell beautiful)!!! Take a deep breath...I saw this sign on my way home tonight-If life didn't SUCK, we'd all fall off-Lol
Sad, in a funny kinda way! Hope u had a Happy, Happy FRIDAY! I know I did.

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