Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was up early and I did some grocery shopping, went to the gym, met up with a great friend for a quick visit...
Today, I got some laundry done, some planning for work done...
Today, my hubby surprised me and cleaned all our front windows-my friend Debra was here to see it for real! Unbelieveable.
Today, my boys are spending time on their X-box, loving each other and hating each other at the same time...
Today, this is my favourite moment of the day(so far...) Craig enjoying his most favourite books. The series is called "Bone". This book came from his school library. What a great day to relax and enjoy a book! On that note, here is a pic of my guy...and I'm going to do a little R & R myself. Happy Saturday.



  1. So awesome that his school library stocks graphic novels! Way to grab young readers!

  2. LOL at the "loving and hating each other." I know all about that too. ;)


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