Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Fair Saturday


Today we were at the Western Fair! We played games, rode the rides, walked the buildings and watched the shows. We ate pizza, ice cream, chips, candy floss. We visited with the cows, horses, chickens, pigs and all the other farm animals. We looked at people's art, creative ideas and had lots of good laughs. We caved and bought the $10 bubble gun...the $15 training disc for Fred our dog and the $3 cute dog key chain that his eyes pop out and you sqeeze his tummy and he poops! Our favourite shows included the twin brothers magic show, the racing pigs, Doo Doo the clown and the best show at the fair the stunt dogs! That show was truly amazing!!! They have even been on tv with Oprah and a few other shows. I was impressed indeed! On our way out we had to get our annual Elephant ear and play the birthday game. Josh rolled the dice and won(the month was March)! Yay, Josh.
I didn't bring my camera because I didn't think I wanted my thousand dollar camera hanging around my neck all day...I missed a lot of great shots:( Oh, well! Live and learn. The memory of another good Western Fair will live with in us. PS We also got a bounce back ticket for $5 dollar entry fee for next week. I guess we'll be making another trip to the fair:) Life is good...


  1. The bubbles and cotton candy shot are just awesome! Sounds like you guys had an awesome day!

  2. Oh, I want to go to the fair now too! I don't think we'll go this year though. :(


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