Saturday, April 2, 2011

I can't believe it!

Greg in promotions- Congratulations to Christine Secord Miller!!! She is the Grand Prize Winner of our EZ Rock PicBadge contest and has won $300 in gift certificates from The Shoe Company! Thanks to everyone who added the EZ Rock PicBadge to their profile pic! What a wonderful April Fool's Day! I have to say that April 1st isn't my favourite day. I don't like getting tricked and I tend to believe EVERYTHING... So, I made it through yesterday without any major tricks. I'm getting older now so I tend to think before I react :) This is a good thing... Anyway last night at around 7pm a friend of mine sent me a message on face book, it said sorry we haven't gotten together...and then she says she just checked her twitter account(whatever I don't have twitter:) and then she says "congrats" happy spending.... Really I'm thinking enough with the April Fool's!!! I can't take it anymore. I message her back telling her I don't have a clue what she is talking about. She messages back and tells me I won the contest for The Shoe Company-(now, I really start to think because for the past month or longer I have had this picbadge for EZ rock stuck on my profile pic- really hoping that I might win something...but, never thinking I would. I then went to the website and found this message(see message above). I have never offically heard from the radio station. I will look into it first thing Monday morning. How was your April Fool's Day??? Did you Trick or get Tricked??? Don't forget Sharing is Caring :) I would love to hear your stories... I really need to thank Jules for letting me know I won...if it wasn't for you... I likely still would not know-lol

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